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Google Marketing

In order to get the most from your website you should consider a pro-active marketing strategy targeting particular audiences and demographics through Google’s search engine and map applications.

At the Web Workshop we have significant experience developing campaigns for our clients so that their advertising dollars lead directly to online sales.

Google’s Adwords application is a management system for delivering sponsored links to targeted audiences in specific locations.

Depending on your budget and business model, you can advertise across Australia and overseas, however the Web Workshop has the expertise to advise you on how widely you should target your campaign and how to get the most effective results.

Adwords Management Service

Google’s application has the capacity to provide highly complex and nuanced outcomes. Understanding the complexity of the many Google applications and developing effective campaigns is both an art and a science.

We have over 10 years of experience developing online marketing campaigns.

Let us help you make the right choices when paying for sponsored links. We maximise your results while controlling and minimising your expenditure.

We’ll consider how well you’re positioned in comparison to your competitors and ensure that your content and search criteria support your campaign. We can manage the entire process for you, developing multiple campaigns that can be measured against each other for effectiveness.

As part of our service we’ll provide you with detailed reports on the effectiveness of the different campaign scenarios, leading to a optimised campaign that reaches the right audience in the right location at the right time for the minimal advertising cost.

Google Maps Service (Google Places)

As well as a website and strategic marketing to reach your clients, the Web Workshop can also manage your presence on Google Maps/Google Places.

It’s much more difficult for your customers to find you if your business is not registered with Google Maps. With access to the maps from smart-phones, such as the iPhone, more and more people are going to turn to Google Maps to find your business.

We’ll make sure that when your website comes up on Google’s search engine it displays information on how to find you, as well as establishing your business as a viable entity in the map application available online and through internet enabled smart-phones.

Contact Us @ the Web Workshop today to discuss your particular marketing objectives.

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At the Web Workshop, we have over 10 years of experience developing powerful and effective websites that lead to increased revenue and market share for your business. We can offer custom built sites to your specification or cost-effective template-driven sites that are modified to match your branding and imagery.

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